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The AmnioBed™ has the potential to significantly reduce short and long-term costs associated with premature births, including short-term benefits for doctors and caregivers as well as long-term benefits to the infants who avoid serious lifelong complications. The AmnioBed™ has the potential to reduce the length of stay (LOS) for these infants, thus saving significant direct costs of the NICU visit in addition to the infants' improved comfort.

  • The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) costs per day can run as much as $8,500.
  • A four-day stay in the NICU by a very premature infant typically costs between $40,000 and $80,000.
  • Improve clinical outcomes for the estimated 110,000 PTB infants born in the US each year.
  • A conservative goal of a 3-day reduction in NICU will result in over $1.1 Billion in savings associated with PTB infants (under 34 weeks of gestational age).

Help us bring to market a breakthrough incubator system for preterm babies.


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Introducing AmnioBed™ - Our Flagship Product

Incubators are critical to the PTB population and especially Amnion Life’s target PTB segments of Very Premature and Extremely Premature infants. Current incubator technology does NOT adequately address the known complications associated with early development.

There are approximately 388,000 preterm births (PTBs) in the US each year and of those PTB’s, ¹-³ an estimated 110,000 could benefit from the many advantages of the AmnioBed. These infants represent the most severe PTBs including the very preterm, extremely preterm and very low birth weight (VLBW).

The target PTB infant population has a high risk of complications in the short and long-term plus the highest rate of infant death. And there are also significant costs associated with this PTB infant population beginning at birth, and for many, complications and associated costs that are lifelong.

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